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2018 NH3 Fuel Conference

Our 15th Annual Conference October 31 & November 1, 2018 • Pittsburgh, PA DAY 1: NH3 Energy+ Topical Conference A day of technical presentations, scheduled as part of the AIChE Annual Meeting DAY 2: NH3 Energy Implementation Conference A full-day … Continue reading

Nitrogenase Inspired Peptide-Functionalized Catalyst for Efficient, Emission-Free Ammonia Production

Stephen Szymanski*, Wayne Gellett
Proton OnSite, United States

NH3 Fuel Conference, Minneapolis, November 1, 2017
AIChE Annual Meeting, Topical Conference: NH3 Energy+


Ammonia-based fertilizers have enabled increases in food production to sustain the world’s population. Currently the major source of ammonia is the Haber-Bosch process, which requires high temperature and pressure and has low conversion efficiency, such that very large plants are required for economical production. Ammonia is therefore one of the most energy and carbon intensive chemical processes worldwide, largely due to the steam methane reforming step to produce the required hydrogen. Because of the very large plant scale and resulting centralization of production, ammonia may also be transported long distances to point of use, adding additional energy and emissions. Distributed, sustainable ammonia production would therefore have a huge impact on global energy use and related carbon emissions. Electrochemical solutions are well-suited to modularity and integration with renewable energy sources and can operate at much milder temperatures and pressures, but a catalyst is needed which is selective to ammonia generation vs competing reactions. Continue reading

2017 NH3 Fuel Conference

The 14th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference was held as a topical conference within the AIChE’s Annual Meeting 2017. NH3 Energy+: Enabling Optimized, Sustainable Energy and Agriculture November 1 – 2, 2017 • Minneapolis, MN

Developments in Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis

Stephen Szymanski*, Wayne Gellett
Proton Energy Systems, USA

NH3 Fuel Conference, Los Angeles, September 19, 2016


Proton Energy Systems, d/b/a Proton OnSite, is a technology and commercialization leader in the field of membrane based electrolysis. The company was founded on the vision of utilizing electrolysis technology for the capture and storage of energy in high value applications. Recently, the concept of storing electrical energy in the form of a carbon neutral liquid fuel, particularly ammonia, has been gaining traction within the research investment community. Continue reading

NH3 Fuel Conference 2016

September 18 – 21, 2016 • Los Angeles, CA The 13th annual NH3 Fuel Conference was hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles, Sustainable Technology & Policy Program (UCLA-STPP) at UCLA’s Luskin Conference Center. QUICK LINKS • Keynote Speaker 2016: Grigorii Soloveichik, … Continue reading

2015 NH3 Fuel Conference

September 20 – 23, 2015 Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, IL QUICK LINKS • Schedule of presentations • Keynote • NH3 Fuel Vehicle Demonstration SCHEDULE OF PRESENTATIONS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Curse of Shiny Objects David Garman, Decker, Garman, … Continue reading

About Ammonia Energy Association

Mission Ammonia Energy Association (formerly NH3 Fuel Association) serves as an industry association that promotes the adoption and use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. It aims to act as the global agent of collective action for its Members … Continue reading