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NH3 Fuel R&D in Turkey

Arif Karabeyoglu
Space Propulsion Group
Tenth Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, September 23, 2013
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Guy Toyama Memorial

Remembering a Special Friend of NH3 Fuel

John Holbrook
Executive Director, NH3 Fuel Association
Tenth Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, September 23, 2013
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Using Local Green Energy and Ammonia to Power Gas Turbine Generators

Brian Evans
Space Propulsion Group
Tenth Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, September 24, 2013
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Project Alkammonia: Ammonia-fed Alkaline Fuel Cells

The project to commercialize ammonia-fed fuel cells for stationary power generation continues to gather momentum in Europe, under the title “Project Alkammonia“.

This follows last year’s field trials of Diverse Energy’s PowerCube technology in Africa, and AFC Energy’s subsequent acquisition of assets from Diverse Energy (equipment and IP) and further project funding.

Project ALKAMMONIA will integrate three innovative and proven technologies: a highly efficient and low-cost alkaline fuel cell system, a highly efficient fuel processing system and a novel ammonia fuel system. The integrated system will be rigorously tested and the results shared with leading telecommunication end-users.”


Diverse Energy: “The PowerCube is a self-contained, 24/7, baseload power solution … it offers an 80% CO2 reduction and a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership with a 2-year return on investment.”

The initial business model aims to provide clean power for mobile radio masts (remote base transceiver stations), and the technology can provide uninterruptible power or act as a back-up for intermittent renewables, as described in Diverse Energy’s field trial report [.doc download]: Continue reading

Natural Resources Canada

Renewable NH3 and Direct NH3 Fuel Cells

Natural Resources Canada is pursuing research and development of renewable NH3 and direct NH3 fuel cells, for clean, distributed electricity generation. Continue reading

NHThree, Fuel Cells

Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells (DAFC)

Direct ammonia fuel cells use ammonia without a cracking step to produce hydrogen. Continue reading

Space Propulsion Group

Ammonia-Fueled Combustion Turbine

Space Propulsion Group has started a program to evaluate ammonia as an alternative fuel for gas turbine systems for use in power generation applications. Existing gas turbine systems can be converted to burn ammonia instead of liquid fuels or natural gas. Continue reading


Solid State Ammonia Synthesis (SSAS)

NHThree LLC was formed to commercialize the SSAS technology for high-efficiency synthesis of ammonia from water, air and electricity. Continue reading

Northwest Hydrogen Alliance

Hydrogen Hubs

Hydrogen Hubs are energy storage systems with off-peak and/or stranded hydroelectric and wind power being used to synthesize ammonia from water and air, in effect storing the energy through chemical conversion. Continue reading