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NH3 Fuel Conference 2014

Join us for the eleventh annual NH3 Fuel Conference, September 21 – 24, when we return to Des Moines, Iowa (where we held our first conference in 2004).
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Call for Papers

We are now accepting submissions for presentations at the 2014 conference. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2014.
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NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

We publish the conference papers online so, if you weren’t able to be there, you can browse and download the presentations from every year.

About Us

The NH3 Fuel Association is a non-profit professional association chartered to promote the implementation of NH3 (ammonia) as an affordable, sustainable, carbon-free fuel.
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Why NH3?

There has never been a better time to tackle our dependence on petroleum. Our dependence on oil threatens the environment, international security, and world economies.
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NH3 Fuel Brochure

Download the NH3 Fuel Brochure [PDF]