About Ammonia Energy Association


Ammonia Energy Association (formerly NH3 Fuel Association) serves as an industry association that promotes the adoption and use of ammonia in a sustainable energy economy. It aims to act as the global agent of collective action for its Members by creating, collecting, organizing, and disseminating relevant knowledge and by conducting advocacy activities in selected jurisdictions.

Directors, Officers, Employees

Bill Ayres — Renewable Solutions, LLC
Jennifer Beach — Starfire Energy
Trevor Brown (Treasurer, Executive Director) — AmmoniaIndustry.com
Stephen Crolius (President) — Carbon-Neutral Consulting
M. James GrieveMicroEra Power
John Bøgild HansenHaldor Topsoe
John Holbrook (Vice-President) — NHThree LLC
John KutschTerrestrial Energy
Daniel MorrisKBR
Rob StevensYara
Rob StockwellCasale
Steve Szymanski (Secretary) — Nel Hydrogen
Rianne Vriend-VrijenhoefProton Ventures