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Membership dues provide our association with funding to maintain education, outreach and support for the advancement of NH3 as a fuel. Our over-dependence on foreign energy commodities, and the need to solve pressing environmental issues, makes your membership important.

Join us today and receive a discount on the next NH3 Fuel Conference.*

The conference is a unique networking event, bringing together a number of high-profile national and international companies, organizations, and institutions focused on solving the crucial energy issues of today. Past conference attendees included representatives from Toyota, Denso, Delphi, the Korea Institute for Energy Research (KIER), the Clinton Foundation, and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Don’t miss out this opportunity to share your ideas and join this exclusive community of innovators, industry pioneers and entrepreneurs.

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*NH3 Fuel Conference discount not available to Booster members

Membership Levels and Benefits


NH3 Fuel Association Expenditures

Education [50-60%]

  • Education media and technical papers
  • PR, email and phone campaigns
  • Website, articles and publishing

Regulatory & Agency Outreach [20-25%]

  • Codes and standards development
  • Government agency PR
  • Regulation involvement – emissions and safety

Conference and Membership [10-15%]

  • Annual and regional conference development
  • Membership development and support
  • Materials coordination support

Operations [< 5%]

  • Website, accounting, fees
  • Non-profit compliance and expenses