The NH3 Fuel Association is a non-profit professional association chartered to promote the implementation of NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) as an affordable, sustainable, carbon-free fuel.

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  1. I want to convert to NH3 but I live in an isolated rural area in New Zealand – and petrol is REALLY expensive as well as environmentally damaging. When can I do so? Also, (just thinking here) we have a really go-ahead, enthusiatic local mayor. Could our community set up NH3 production to fuel our vehicles? What is stopping us?

    • Hi Jan,
      We recognize your not uncommon situation with high petrol prices, particularly in your rural area.

      Yes, technically you can convert your vehicle to operate on NH3 and enjoy lower, stable prices, and less greenhouse gas emissions. If someone in your community would like to get into the NH3 conversion business, the NH3FA can provide guidance. Please feel free to download and print our NH3 Fuel brochure from the website, and perhaps present it your mayor? Perhaps some collaboration could be coordinated with an auto shop for a demonstration vehicle? We don’t know the local NZ regulations, but I’m sure with some research you could find what, if any limitations there might be.

      Also try local NH3 producers: Ballance Agri-Nutrients ( Ballance is a national farmers’ co-op, with an ammonia/urea plant on Kapuni. From what I’ve read, they seem like good guys, and may be interested in supporting this kind of project. They’re not big (producing 150,000 tons NH3 per year), but they are local. We would be very excited if you would contact them and educate them about NH3 fuel for us.

      So, yes it is possible for your community to set up a cooperative NH3 production facility to fuel the NH3 vehicle fleet. Again, we can provide guidance if you or your mayor is interested in pursuing.

  2. Dear NH3 Fuel Association, I have only just picked up your response to my query so my very humble apologies for appearing totally unappreciative of the trouble you took to give me a detailed reply and to research the NZ situation.
    I will print off your response and the brochure and discuss this with our mayor as well as our clever inovative engineering and mechanics tutors where I work.
    I will keep you updated with developments and hopefully this time it won’t take 4 months!
    Regards, Jan Johnstone

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