2010 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — The Key to Energy Independence

September 26-28, 2010 • Romulus, MI

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Monday, September 27

Welcome and Speaker Introduction
John Holbrook, AmmPower

Matt Simmons Memorial 
Bob West, Ocean Energy Institute

Keynote Address
Herbert I. London, President, Hudson Institute

Conference Kick-off 
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Who’s Driving NH3 as a Fuel? 
Casey Stack, NH3 Fuel Association

Production of Anhydrous Ammonia from Wind Energy — Anatomy of a Pilot Plant 
Mike Reese and Cory Marquart, University of Minnesota

NH3 as an Energy Storage Medium — an Island Experiment 
Laurenz Schmidt and Gordon Richardson, Ocean Energy Institute

Making Ammonia Fuel From Alaska’s Abundant Stranded Renewable Energy 
Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc.

Transition-Metal Catalyzed Reduction of Nitrogen to Ammonia
Andreja Bakac, Aaron Sadow, Oleg Pestovsky and Barun Jana, Iowa State University

Biogas as a Source of Renewable Anhydrous Ammonia 
Paul Pansegrau, Joshua Ziman, Kerryanne Leroux, Kristopher Jorgenson, Michael Collings, John Richter, and Bruce Folkedahl, University of North Dakota, Energy & Environmental Research Center

Integrated Electrochemical–Thermal Ammonia Production Process
Junhua Jiang, Alexey Ignatchenko, and Ted Aulich, University of North Dakota, Energy & Environmental Research Center

NFuels Units: From Mega-Ammonia to Micro-Ammonia 
Hans Vrijenhoef, Proton Ventures BV

Update on the Maryland NH3 Project 
St. John Martin and William H. Kumm, Arctic Energies Ltd.

Possible NH3 Fuel Transportation Demonstration Projects 
Steve Crolius, Clinton Climate Initiative

Carbon-Negative NH3 Fuel Production from Biomass via Gasification
Jack Oswald, SynGest Corp.

Monday evening address 
David Cole, Chairman, Center for Automotive Research

Tuesday, Sept. 28

Welcome and Announcements
John Holbrook, AmmPower

New NH3FA website and membership area 
Gordon Nyquist, Mackinaw Associates

Hawaii: Most Suitable for Demonstrating the use of NH3 for Renewable Grid Energy Storage, Transportation and Fertilizer 
Guy Toyama, H2 Technologies, Inc.

Ammonia Combustion with Near-Zero Pollutant Emissions 
Praveen Kumar, Kyle Redfern, Daniel Diaz, and Terrence Meyer, Iowa State University

Ammonia Combustion in Spark Ignition Engine Conditions 
Catherine Duynslaegher, Hervé Jeanmart, and Jacques Vandooren, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

A Comparison of Combustion Promoters for Ammonia 
Shawn Grannell, Casey Stack and Don Gillespie, NH3Car

Increasing the Combustibility of NH3 Fuel 
Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

Results of Various NH3 Engine Developments 
Mike Bowery, Eliminator Products

Update on Ammonia Engine Development Using Direct Fuel Injection
Matthias Veltman and S-C Kong, Iowa State University

Performance of a Ceramic, Intermediate-Temperature Direct NH3 Fuel Cell 
Nigel Sammes, Colorado School of Mines

Converting Liquid NH3 to an Energy-Dense Engine Fuel 
Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

NH3 — The Road Ahead 
Ralph Perpetuini and Albert Venezio, Icom North America

Introducing a New Fuel to Commerce — Not so Easy, Experience from the Biodiesel Industry 
Bill Ayres, R3 Sciences, LLC and Steve Howell, Marc-IV

Conference Wrap-up and Road to NH3 Certification 
John Holbrook, AmmPower