Join us for the 2014 NH3 Fuel Conference

Science Center of Iowa, Des Moines, IA
Monday, September 22 & Tuesday September 23, 2013

Special Student Rate

$25 (regular rate $350)

The NH3 Fuel Association invites students to attend the 2014 NH3 Fuel Conference in Des Moines, September 22 and 23. This is our eleventh annual international conference to promote NH3 (ammonia) as a cost effective, carbon-free, liquid alternative for fossil fuels.

NH3 fuel is –
The only practical, liquid, carbon-free fuel – it can be stored and used at ambient temperature and moderate pressure.
The most hydrogen-dense chemical – containing ~30% more hydrogen than liquid hydrogen.
Able to power any prime mover – gasoline and diesel engines, fuel cells, and combustion turbines.
Sustainable, renewable, carbon-free fuel – it can be made from water, air and electricity; produces no CO2 on combustion.
The second most produced chemical in the world – with an established global infrastructure and strong safety record.

You should attend this conference if you are working on –
• Alternative Fuels
• Renewable Energy
• Climate Change
• Sustainability

Register today, or get more information. Please note that the $25 Student Rate does not include the Dinner on Monday or the Tour on Wednesday.

Leave a comment below if you would like to ask us any questions.

2 responses to “Students

  1. Dear organizers,

    Where and when the 2014 conference will be held?
    I’d like to participate and I need to do some arrangements from now.


    • John Holbrook

      Hi Hadi —

      Thanks for your inquiry. The 2014 conference will take place Sep 21 – 24, 2014 in Des Moines, Iowa.

      More information on registration, accommodations, and call for abstracts will be coming out in the next month.


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