Introducing the Global NH3 Fuel Federation

Stephen Crolius
Alliance Consulting Group, USA / NH3 Fuel Association

NH3 Fuel Conference, Los Angeles, September 20, 2016


Until recently, ammonia fuel was the focus of a few dozen individuals working in isolated groups. Institutional interest and support were limited at best. Now we are in a new stage: ammonia fuel is being investigated seriously in publicly and privately supported programs in most of the world’s leading economies. The NH3 Fuel Association has been engaged in informal conversations over the last year about how to respond to this very significant trend. The conclusion is that it is time to launch an initiative that can engender a higher level of mutual awareness, communication, and support across all of the groups working around the world.


Download this presentation here [PDF, 2.6MB]


2013: Business and Technology Roadmapping for NH3 Fuel
2012: The Simple Molecules Strategy [PDF]


Stephen Crolius, Alliance Consulting Group
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