Nitride-Based Step Catalysis for Ammonia Synthesis at Atmospheric Pressure

Peter Pfromm, Michael Heidlage*, Bin Liu, Nannan Shan, Viktor Chikan, Hongfu Luo, Nate Flesher
Kansas State University, United States

NH3 Fuel Conference, Minneapolis, November 2, 2017
AIChE Annual Meeting, Topical Conference: NH3 Energy+


Formation of metal nitrides to activate dinitrogen is one avenue to ammonia and other nitrogen compounds. Attractive aspects are operation at atmospheric pressure and moderate temperatures, formation of stable chemical intermediates rather than reliance on somewhat sensitive heterogeneous catalysis, and inexpensive materials. If a single metal is used, however, one encounters tradeoffs somewhat akin to the well-known tradeoffs for Haber-Bosch catalysts. Results will be presented for metal nitride-based ammonia synthesis, and new metal alloys that can address some of the tradeoffs between affinity for nitrogen, and formation of ammonia when hydrogen is added. Options using water instead of hydrogen will also be included.

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Download this presentation [PDF, 4MB].


Peter Pfromm, Kansas State University
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