Improved Method of Using Hydrogen and Ammonia Fuels for an Internal Combustion Engine

David Toyne*, Solutions for Automation, USA; Jay Schmuecker, Pinehurst Farm, USA

15th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 31, 2018
NH3 Energy+ Topical Conference at the AIChE Annual Meeting


A tractor mounted internal combustion engine is fueled by Hydrogen or a combination of Hydrogen and Ammonia.

Developments of an improved method of fuel injection and ignition control. Hydrogen is port injected in the intake manifold, and liquid ammonia is injected in the throttle body. A dual fuel ECU, Engine Control Unit, controls the fuel mixtures and the firing of multiple coils for ignition.
The paper will address significant engine performance improvements and the resulting fuel consumption and engine emissions levels.

Read the abstract at the AIChE website.


Download this presentation [PDF].


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David Toyne, Solutions for Automation
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