Simulation Analysis of NH3 Mixed Combustion in Clinker Manufacturing Process

Tatsurou Izumi*, Hiroki Kujiraoka, Yuya Yoshizuru, Takeshi Suemasu, Makoto Ueda, Toyoaki Niki, Takayasu Itou, Masayuki Nishio, UBE Industries, Japan; Ryuichi Murai, Fumiteru Akamatsu, Osaka University, Japan

15th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 31, 2018
NH3 Energy+ Topical Conference at the AIChE Annual Meeting


Recent years, the action for the low-carbon society becomes active all over the world. NH3 has potential to become the free-carbon energy source. In SIP project, that Cabinet Office started, we work on the technology development applying NH3 to the field of industrial furnace (SIP: Strategic Innovation Promotion Program).

In this study, we evaluated the effect of NH3 use in the cement clinker manufacturing process. Cement manufacturing is one of the fields of industry to exhaust large amounts of CO2. As past works, we studied for the reduction of heat consumption rate, troubleshooting and so on by using kiln operation analysis tool, KilnSimu. This time, we applied the KilnSimu analysis technology to this work.

For some parameters using in KilnSimu, we referred to the actual plant data. About the clinker reaction kinetics under the NH3 combustion atmosphere, we gave the element experiment.

By KilnSimu analysis, we were able to evaluate the quantitative influence at using NH3 for the actual operation. When using NH3, the possibility of the influence on heat consumption rate was predicted. We also report the improvement plan about this.

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2018: Evaluation of the Cement Clinker Fired in the Combustion Furnace of Heavy-Oil and NH3
2018: Optimization of the NOx Reduction Condition in the Combustion Furnace for the Combustion of “Heavy-Oil – NH3 System” Using CFD


UBE Industries
Combustion Engineering Laboratory, Osaka University
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