2005 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — The Key to a Hydrogen Economy

October 13-14, 2005 • Argonne National Laboratory

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Post-Conference Comments
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Overview and Welcome
Stephen D. Ban, Argonne National Laboratory

Ammonia as a Transportation Fuel II
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Preliminary Assessment of Energy and GHG Emissions of Ammonia to H2 for Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications
Michael Q. Wang, Argonne National Laboratory

Coal to Ammonia
Mark Ibsen, Rentech Development Corporation

The Great Plains Wind Resource
Bill Leighty, Leighty Foundation

Efficient Ammonia Production
Jim Gosnell, KBR

Non-Equatorial Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTC) Applications
William Kumm, Arctic Energies, Ltd.

Andres Cloumann, Norsk Hydro

Ammonia Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Greg Hutchison, Royster Clark

Ammonia Fuel Cell Systems
Jason C. Ganley, Howard University

Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells for Distributed Power Generation and CHP
Andy McFarlan, Natural Resources Canada

Ammonia is the Fuel for the Hydrogen Economy
Karl Kordesch, University of Graz, Austria

Internal Combustion Engines and Ammonia (Second Report)
Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.

Anhydrous Ammonia, Safe Handling in the Retail Fertilizer Market
Ron Demaray, RCI

Opportunities and Challenges for an Ammonia Fuel Economy
John Holbrook, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory