2009 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — Carbon-free Liquid Fuel

October 12-13, 2009 • Kansas City, MO

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Monday, October 12

Kick-Off and Keynote Speaker Introduction
John Holbrook, AmmPower

Keynote Address
Matt Simmons, Simmons International

Opening Comments / Progress Update
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Updates on the Ammonia Fuel Network Non-Profit Organization
Larry Bruce, Chair, AFN Board of Directors

NH3 ICE Hot Rod Demo
Mike Bowery, Eliminator Products, and Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

Running an Engine on Ammonia with Hydrogen at the Rough Limit
Shawn Grannell, NH3Car

NH3 Diesel Update — Fuel Injection Strategies
Matthias Veltman and Song Charng Kong, Iowa State University

20 by 2020: How Ammonia Production Could Support 20 Gigawatts of Wind Energy in Iowa
Troy Benegerdes, Ames Laboratory and Steve Gruhn, Freedom Fertilizer

Powering a Farm on Wind to NH3 (oral presentation only)
Roger Gordon, Little Red Hen Project, Canada

Ammonia from Wind, Progress Update
Mike Reese, University of Minnesota, and Cecil Massie, Consultant

A Maryland Multi-Element Operational Non-Carbon Fuel Innovative Approach (AMMONIA)
William H. Kumm, Arctic Energies Ltd., and St. John Martin, Arctic Energies Ltd.

Progress in Hydrogen Hubs
Jack Robertson and Preston Michie, NW Hydrogen Alliance

Carbon-Negative NH3 Fuel Production from Biomass via Gasification
Jack Oswald, SynGest Corp.

Air-Blown Gasification for Ammonia Poly-Generation Using Low-Rank Coals
David Wakefield, Econo-Power International Corp., and James Jurczak, Burns and McDonnell Engineering

Tuesday, October 13

USDA Renewable Energy Funding Opportunities
Chris Cassidy, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Ammonia as a Remarkable Working Fluid and Fuel for Energy Systems
Calin Zamfirescu and Ibrahim Dincer, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Ammonia Fuel Production with Firming Storage from Diverse, Stranded, Renewable Energy Resources
Bill Leighty, Alaska Applied Sciences, Inc.

NH3 Fuel — Safer Than Propane, as Safe as Gasoline
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center and Quest Consultants

Super-Safing NH3 Storage
Gordon Nyquist and Steve Boergert, Mackinaw Associates

Regulatory Framework for NH3 Fuel
Derek Matthiessen, Tetra Tech

A Regenerative Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell — Concept Model
Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

Gasoline/Ethanol/Ammonia Mixtures as a Transition Fuel
William Jacobson, SY-Will Engineering

Transition-Metal Catalyzed Reduction of Nitrogen to Ammonia
Andreja Bakac, Iowa State University

Combustion of Ammonia for Reduced CO2 in Heating and Power Generation Systems
Terrence Meyer, Iowa State University

Electrochemical Ammonia and Hydrogen Production from Polymer-Immobilized Nitrogenase Enzymes
Johna Leddy and Tim Paschkewitz, The University of Iowa

The Potential Role of Ammonia Electrolysis in the Treatment of Ammonium-Containing Wastewaters
Gerardine Botte, Ohio University, and Gregory Bowden, AECOM Water

Conference Wrap-up and Ammonia Fuel Industry Business Model
John Holbrook, AmmPower