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Development of Catalytic Reactors and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Systems for Utilization of Ammonia

Koichi Eguchi*, Kyoto University, Japan, Yosuke Takahashi, Noritake Co., Japan, Takahiro Matsuo, IHI Corporation, Japan, Hayahide Yamasaki, Nippon Shokubai Co., Japan, Hidehito Kubo, Toyota Industries, Japan, Akihiro Okabe, Mitsui Chemicals, Japan, Takenori Isomura, Tokuyama Corp., Japan

15th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, October 31, 2018
NH3 Energy+ Topical Conference at the AIChE Annual Meeting


Hydrogen is the primary fuel source for fuel cells. However, the low volume density and difficulty in storage and transportation are major obstacles for the practical utilization. Among various hydrogen carriers, ammonia is one of the promising candidates because of its high hydrogen density and boiling point and ease in liquefaction and transportation. The reaction temperature of ammonia cracking to nitrogen and hydrogen, being about 600°C or higher, is close to the operating temperature of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The integration of these two devices is beneficial in terms of heat and energy managements and will lead to the development of simplified power generation systems.

Several catalyst materials, i.e., cracking, autothermal cracking, and combustion of ammonia have been investigated and used for the SOFC systems. A demonstration of the stack-level ammonia-fueled SOFC systems is an important step for the actual utilization of ammonia-fueled SOFCs. In this study, 200 W class and 1 kW class SOFC stacks were applied for ammonia fueled generation systems. Continue reading