NH3 Car: Gillespie-Stack-Grannell

Ammonia-Gasoline Engine Conversions

Following a flawless highway demonstration in summer 2007 of their ammonia-gasoline engine technology, the company Gillespie-Stack-Grannell LLC was formed to offer services for conversion of people’s existing gasoline engines to operate on an ammonia-rich (up to 80%) blend.

These engines would also be able to operate on pure gasoline in the event that ammonia was not available.

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2010: A Comparison of Combustion Promoters for Ammonia [PDF]
2010: Who’s Driving NH3 as a Fuel?  [PDF]
2009: Running an Engine on Ammonia with Hydrogen at the Rough Limit [PDF]

Associated projects

See also: University of Michigan, Ammonia Engine Research

Further Information

NH3 Car
Contact: Casey Stack, 801-292-2309.

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