University of Michigan, Ammonia Engine Research

Ammonia-Gasoline and Ammonia-Ethanol Engines

The Ammonia Engine Research group in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan is characterizing ammonia-gasoline and ammonia-ethanol combustion in spark ignited engines for use in passenger car applications.

Engine performance, efficiency, and emissions are being studied using a single cylinder research engine. A light pickup truck ammonia-gasoline demonstration vehicle has also been built and driven from Detroit to San Francisco (see: NH3 Car).

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2008: Emissions Characterization of an Ammonia-Gasoline SI Engine [PDF]
2007: Investigation of the Engine Operating Space of Ammonia/Gasoline Mixtures [PDF]
2007: Comparison of Ammonia/Gasoline and Ammonia/Ethanol Fuel Mixtures for use in IC Engines [PDF]

Associated projects

See also: NH3 Car: Gillespie-Stack-Grannell

Further Information

University of Michigan, Ammonia Engine Research group, Mechanical Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Contact: Stani Bohac, 734-936-0431.

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