Hydrogen Engine Center

Spark-Ignited Ammonia Engines and Gensets

The Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) is developing ammonia-hydrogen and ammonia-propane spark ignited engines, with the goal of achieving a super-efficient 100% ammonia engine in the near future.

HEC currently is operating an ammonia-propane engine in California which is powering an irrigation system.

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2012: Electrical Support for Small Scale Distributed Ammonia Production [PDF]
2010: Converting Liquid NH3 to an Energy-Dense Engine Fuel [PDF]
2009: NH3 ICE Hot Rod Demo [PDF]
2008: Review of Field Data on Ammonia Irrigation Pump Engine and New Ammonia Engine Development [PDF]
2007: Ammonia-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines — A Progress Report [PDF]
2006: Performance of a Commercial Internal Combustion Engine on Ammonia Fuel [PDF]
2005: Internal Combustion Engines and Ammonia (Second Report) [PDF]
2004: Internal Combustion Engines and Ammonia [PDF]

Further Information

Hydrogen Engine Center
Dana Hollinger Industrial Park, 2502 E Poplar Street, Algona, IA 50511, USA
Contact: Ted Hollinger, 515-295-3178.

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