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Ammonia Electrolysis Cell

Research at Ohio University’s Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research (CEER) has shown that hydrogen is evolved by electrolysis of an aqueous ammonia solution at a small fraction of the electric energy required from water electrolysis.

In fact, the energy contained in the hydrogen is greater than the electric energy required to produce it. The hydrogen is also free of contaminants, and suitable for use in PEM fuel cells or internal combustion engines. This approach, which is now being commercialized, opens up numerous opportunities for harvesting energy from animal waste and wastewaster.

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2009: The Potential Role of Ammonia Electrolysis in the Treatment of Ammonium-Containing Wastewaters [PDF]
2007: Electrolysis of Ammonia Effluents — An Energy Recovery Process
2006: Ammonia Energy Recovery from Municipal and Agricultural Wastewater [PDF]

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Ohio University, Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research
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Contact: Gerri Botte, 740-593-9670.

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