Sturman Industries

ALL-Ternative Compression Ignition Engine

Sturman Industries is optimizing diesel engine controls to facilitate combustion of most ANY fuel in the same engine via the implementation of variable compression ratios and flexible combustion cycles.
Auto ignition has been demonstrated at a compression ratio of 35:1 with pure NH3. The robust engine and control system incorporates Sturman enabling production digital hydraulic valves, and unique control strategies and software.

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2012: Keynote Address — Enabling NH3 Fuel [PDF]
2012: Enabling Efficient Engine Control [PDF]
2011: NH3 Fuel in a Compression Ignition Adaptive Digital Power Engine [PDF]

Further Information

Sturman Industries, Woodland Park, CO, US
Contact: Eddie Sturman, 719-686-6003.

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