Green Ammonia to Fuel International Security

Keynote Speech 2014

Dr. Christopher Harz, VirtualAgility / One World for Life™
11th Annual NH3 Fuel Conference, September 22, 2014


Ammonia has the potential to play an increasing role in international security for the US and its allies in global areas of interest. So far, analysis of ammonia for the US government and military has narrowly focused on its use as fuel for combat vehicles, including aircraft or ships, but there are far more vital roles it can play, to save resources and lives.

Dr. Christopher Harz

DrChristopherHarzDr. Christopher Harz has been a research analyst for the RAND Corporation, working on communications networks (C4ISR) and combat vehicle design and logistics. He was a PM for product development of SCADAs and instrumentation for power systems and advanced sensornets. Dr. Harz helped design and develop pioneering modeling and simulation systems, including massively multiplayer online educational games for large-scale team training as well as agile system prototyping and development.

He has worked for DHS/FEMA on collaborative planning and communications systems for emergency and disaster response, and with the US Navy for HA/DR (Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Response) on a global basis. He worked for DARPA and DNA/DOE on advanced weapon systems, area-effects munitions, and resilient communication links. Dr. Harz developed networked systems for NATO for large-scale LVC (Live, Virtual, and Constructive) simulation and training systems for armored and tactical support units. He also worked for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community on CBRNE and counter-terrorism tactics and technology. He has a doctorate in educational technology and communications, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


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