Dutch Initiatives to Store Sustainable Energy in the Form of Ammonia

Hans Vrijenhoef
Proton Ventures, The Netherlands

NH3 Fuel Conference 2017, Minneapolis, November 1, 2017
AIChE Annual Meeting, Topical Conference: NH3 Energy+


Proton Ventures BV is a company dedicated to supply mini ammonia units for storing decentralised produced (sustainable) energy. Proton has developed a commercial unit for the production of small amounts of ammonia, which can store up to 25 MW of power or equivalent (bio-) gas energy.

Hans Vrijenhoef, as the director of the company, will give an overview of existing plans in The Netherlands to store this decentralised energy and to make use of this in an economic way. The N-Fuel units will be skid-mounted, safe in operation, and almost fully automated in order to keep CAPEX and OPEX costs lowest and show that ammonia units can be effective in saving costs versus other means of storage, like batteries.

Read the abstract at the AIChE website.


Download this presentation [PDF, 8.7MB].


2016: Decentralised ammonia production in the Netherlands
2015: Ammonia as an Energy Carrier – Update from the Netherlands [PDF]
2013: Anhydrous Ammonia: a Battery for Stranded and Excess Energy Sources
2012: Ammonia — An Energy Buffering Solution for the Future [PDF]
2011: Proton’s Wind Energy Liquefaction Unit: NFUEL Units for Storage of Renewable Energy [PDF]
2010: NFuels Units: From Mega-Ammonia to Micro-Ammonia [PDF]


Proton Ventures
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