2008 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — The Key to US Energy Independence

September 29-30, 2008 • Minneapolis, MN

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Monday, September 29

Opening Comments / Progress Update
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Review of Field Data on Ammonia Irrigation Pump Engine and New Ammonia Engine Development 
Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

Emissions Characterization of an Ammonia-Gasoline SI Engine
Shawn Grannell, Don Gillespie, Dennis Assanis, Stani Bohac, University of Michigan

Combustion Efficiency and Exhaust Emissions of Ammonia Combustion in Diesel Engines 
Song-Charng Kong, Iowa State University

NH3 is Carbon-Free 
Bill Kumm, Artic Energies Ltd and C.B. Panchal, Argonne National Lab

Energy Storage with Anhydrous Ammonia 
Bill Leighty, The Leighty Foundation

Ammonia from Wind, an Update 
Mike Reese, University of Minnesota – Morris, and Cecil Massie, Sebesta Blomberg and Associates

Economic Analysis of Ammonia for Use as a Replacement Fuel in Rural Alaska 
David Lockard, Alaska Energy Authority, Gwen Holdmann and Dennis Witmer, University of Alaska – Fairbanks, and Nick Szymoniak, University of Alaska – Anchorage

Niagara Falls Hydro to Ammonia 
Neal Rauhauser, Dave Bradley, and Larry Bruce, Third Mode Energy

Planar Intermediate Temperature Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell 
Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

Properties of Laminar Premixed Hydrogen-added Ammonia/Air Flames 
J.H. Lee, J.H. Park and O.C. Kwon, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

The Equilibrium Dichotomy in Ammonia Cracking
Ron Hodkinson, Diverse Energy

Tuesday, September 30

Comparative Hazards Assessment of Conventional and Alternative Fuels 
William Ahlgren, California Polytechnic State University

Ensuring Safety in Ammonia Fueled Vehicles and Stationary Power Generation 
Tony Garcia and Ron Hill, Hill Brothers Chemicals, and Gary Smith, Ammonia Safety and Training Institute

Super-Safe NH3 storage 
Gordon Nyquist and Steve Boergert, Mackinaw Associates

Solid Ammonia as Energy Carrier: Possibilities and Technology Development 
Henrik Nybo Petersen, Tue Johannessen, and Debasish Chakraborty, Amminex A/S

Ammonia Cracker for Hydrogen Generation for PEM Application 
Jakob Engbaek, Danish Technical Institute

Reusable Nickel-Based Materials for Small Scale Ammonia Storage 
Patrick Desrochers, University of Central Arkansas

An Economic and Energy Analysis of Ammonia Production from Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources
Jeff Bartels, Iowa State University

NH3 from Coal with Carbon Sequestration 
Bob Fagerstrom, Dakota Gasification

Wind to NH3 — Green Fertilizer and Fuel for the Future 
Steve Gruhn and Barry Sackett, Freedom Fertilizer LLC

Ammonia Synthesis in a Modified IT-SOFC System 
Nigel Sammes and G. Restuccia, Colorado School of Mines, and Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

Ammonia Synthesis Using Nonthermal Plasma with Ruthenium Catalysts 
Zhiping Le, Shaobo Deng, Paul Chen, and Roger Ruan, University of Minnesota

Progress in Hydrogen Hubs 
Jack Robertson, Northwest Hydrogen Alliance

Use of Liquid Ammonia Fuel Emulsions in a Diesel Engine 
Vito Agosta and James Harbach, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy

Small-scale Production of Renewable Ammonia 
Mark Huberty, University of Minnesota

Ammonia Production and Baseload Solar Power 
Rebecca Dunn and Keith Lovegrove, Australian National University

Wrap-Up / An Ammonia Fuel Business Plan 
John Holbrook, AmmPower LLC