Solid State Ammonia Synthesis (SSAS)

NHThree LLC was formed to commercialize the SSAS technology for high-efficiency synthesis of ammonia from water, air and electricity.

If the electricity is from a renewable source, the ammonia produced represents an entirely green energy fuel-energy cycle. The SSAS approach promises to be more efficient and less capital costly than past approaches using water electrolysis.

NH3 Fuel Conference Papers

2008: Ammonia Synthesis in a Modified IT-SOFC System [PDF]
2007: Solid State Ammonia Synthesis from Renewable Energy [PDF]
2006: Solid State Low Pressure Ammonia Production [PDF]

Associated Projects

NHThree, Fuel Cells: research and development of direct ammonia fuel cells
Wind-to-Green: commercial project with SSAS as its core technology

Further Information

NHThree: Solid State Ammonia Synthesis
NHThree LLC, Richland, WA, US
Contact: Jason Ganley, 334-226-0871.

8 responses to “NHThree, SSAS

  1. Some of NHthree presentations compare SSAS and Haber Bosch energy requirements. It is not clear whether electric power input is 3415 Btu/KWH or say 8000Btu as it would be if the power generation thermal efficiency was 45%. Clarify

  2. Current SSAS energy efficiency is estimated as 7500 kWh/ton of ammonia produced. The minimum (theoretical) amount of energy input for the reaction of water and nitrogen to form oxygen and ammonia is approximately 5300 kWh/ton of ammonia produced. This translates to ~70% estimated system efficiency.

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  4. I would like to build a fuel cell powered by NH3. Do you have any plans that would enable this?

  5. Building a fuel cell from scratch is a very demanding endeavor, both in terms of skill and materials costs. The fastest solution is to buy an off-the-shelf commercial PEM fuel cell (e.g., http://www.horizonfuelcell.com/) for use with an in-line ammonia cracker and scrubber system (https://www.crystec.com/kllhyame.htm).

  6. Can we use AFC for direct conversion of NH3 to electricity?

  7. how much electricity would be generated by one metric ton of NH3?

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