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Hydrogen Engine Center

Spark-Ignited Ammonia Engines and Gensets

The Hydrogen Engine Center (HEC) is developing ammonia-hydrogen and ammonia-propane spark ignited engines, with the goal of achieving a super-efficient 100% ammonia engine in the near future. Continue reading

University of Michigan, Ammonia Engine Research

Ammonia-Gasoline and Ammonia-Ethanol Engines

The Ammonia Engine Research group in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan is characterizing ammonia-gasoline and ammonia-ethanol combustion in spark ignited engines for use in passenger car applications. Continue reading

Northwest Hydrogen Alliance

Hydrogen Hubs

Hydrogen Hubs are energy storage systems with off-peak and/or stranded hydroelectric and wind power being used to synthesize ammonia from water and air, in effect storing the energy through chemical conversion. Continue reading

Icom North America

Bifuel NH3 Engines

Icom North America is developing technology to be utilized for Bifuel NH3 / Gasoline engines and vehicles and Dual Fuel (mixed fuel) NH3 / Diesel engines and vehicles.  Continue reading

Iowa Energy Center

Ammonia-Powered Diesel Engines

The Iowa Energy Center is funding research at Iowa State University on the performance of diesel engines using ammonia. Continue reading

Sturman Industries

ALL-Ternative Compression Ignition Engine

Sturman Industries is optimizing diesel engine controls to facilitate combustion of most ANY fuel in the same engine via the implementation of variable compression ratios and flexible combustion cycles. Continue reading