2012 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — The Key to US Energy Independence

September 30 – October 3, 2012 • San Antonio, TX

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Monday, October 1

Welcome and Speaker Introduction
John Holbrook, NH3 Fuel Association

Kick-off / Update from the Chairman
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Keynote Address — Enabling NH3 Fuel
Eddie Sturman, Sturman Industries

NH3 Compared with other “Fuels”
Bill Leighty, The Leighty Foundation

What’s Stopping Us? Recognizing and Removing Obstacles to the Launch of Ammonia Fuel
Trevor Brown, Private Consultant

NH3 Transportation Challenges and a Solution — Distributed Production
Glen Buckley, NPK Fertilizer Advisory Service

Our Carbon Free Energy Future
Carl Schoder, Independent Energy Researcher

Update on Ammonia Engine Combustion Using Direct Fuel Injection
Song-Charng Kong, Iowa State University

Demonstration of an Ammonia-Gasoline Dual Fuel System in a Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine
Youngmin Woo, Jin Young Jang, Youngiae Lee, Jong Hoon Joo, Ji Haeng Yu, Hyung Chul Yoon, and Jong-Nam Kim, Korean Institute of Energy Research

Enabling Efficient Engine Control
Dave Drury and Eddie Sturman, Sturman Industries

Renewable NH3 and Direct NH3 Fuel Cells: Canadian R&D for Clean, Distributed Electricity Generation
Andrew McFarlan, Natural Resources Canada, CanmetENERGY-Ottawa

Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia from Steam and Nitrogen Using an Oxygen-ion Conducting Electrolyte
Jong Hoon Joo, Hyung Chul Yoon, Hana Jeoung, Ji Haeng Yu, Jong-Nam Kim, Youngmin Woo, Jin Young Jang, Korean Institute of Energy Research

Fuel Conditioning System for Ammonia-Fired Power Plants
Arif Karabeyoglu and Brian Evans, Space Propulsion Group

The Simple Molecules Strategy
Steve Crolius, Clinton Climate Initiative

Tuesday, October 2

Welcome and Announcements
John Holbrook, NH3 Fuel Association

Ammonia, Carbon Capture, and Gas Turbines Ensure U.S. Energy Independence
Edgar Vercruysse, Probatex s.c.

NH3 as a Hydrogen Carrier
Yoshitsugu Kojima and Takayuki Ichikawa, Hiroshima University

Ammonia — An Energy Buffering Solution for the Future
Anish Patil, Proton Ventures

Intermediate-Temperature Tubular Direct Ammonia Fuel Cells
Sean Babinec, Anthony Manerbino, Shay Robinson, Jason Ganley, and Neal Sullivan, Colorado School of Mines

Small-Scale Distributed Ammonia Production (less than 100 TPD)
Doug Carpenter, Sustainable Fuels Inc, and William Ayres, R3Sciences LP

Electrical Support for Small Scale Distributed Ammonia Production
Ted Hollinger, Hydrogen Engine Center

Ammonia Production Using a Hydrogen Pulse Jet — A Chemical Discovery, Concept Proving Device, and Future Commercial Use
Bruce Peters, Aqua Reborn

Lessons Learned in Developing a Wind-to-Ammonia Pilot Plant
Michael Reese and Cory Marquart, University of Minnesota

Harvesting Low-hanging Fruit: What have we done with the Conoco-Phillips Energy Prize (the story of Wind to Green LLC)
Matt Kern, Jack Swearengen and Peter Swearengen, Wind-To-Green LLC

Green Energy for Africa: Stranded Gas or Coal and CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery
James Grieve, Eleanor Rusling, and David Johnston, AHEAD Energy Corporation

Phil Black, Alternative Fuel Sciences

Conference Wrap-up / Where do we go from here?
John Holbrook, NH3 Fuel Association

Wednesday, October 3

Tour of Southwest Research Institute