2011 Annual NH3 Fuel Conference

Ammonia — The Key to Energy Independence, Economic Recovery, and National Security

September 18-21, 2011 • Portland, OR

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Monday, September 19

Welcome and Speaker Introduction
John Holbrook, AmmPower

Kickoff / Note from the Chairman
Norm Olson, Iowa Energy Center

Keynote Address — The Alchemy of Air: Roots of the NH3 Revolution
Thomas Hager, author of “The Alchemy of Air”

Performance of a Compression-Ignition Engine Using Direct Injection of Liquid Ammonia/DME Mixture
Song-Charng Kong, Iowa State University

Production of Anhydrous Ammonia from Wind Energy — Anatomy of a Pilot Plant, The Sequel
Mike Reese, University of Minnesota

Offshore Wind Production of Ammonia: A Technical and Economic Analysis
Eric Morgan, Jon McGowan, and James Manwell, Wind Energy Center, University of Massachusetts

Prosperity for Delmarva
Paul Curto, CCLLC

The Choice of NH3 Fuel for the X-15 Rocket Plane
Bob Seaman, Reaction Motors Division (retired)

Selection of NH3 for Combustion Turbine Use
Arif Karabeyoglu, Space Propulsion Group

Overview of Lockheed-Martin — OTEC Program
Robert Varley, Lockheed-Martin

Reforming and Burning of Ammonia in Micro Hydrogen and Power Generation Systems
Oh Chae Kwon, J.M. Joo, S.I. Lee, D.H. Um, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Transition-Metal Catalyzed Reduction of Nitrogen to Ammonia
Andreja Bakac, Aaron Sadow, Oleg Pestovsky, and Barun Jana, Iowa State University

The Dual Fuel Strategy: An Energy Transition Plan
William Ahlgren, California Polytechnic State University

NH3 in PEM Fuel Cells
Mark Bowden, First Element Energy

Tuesday, September 20

Welcome and Announcements
John Holbrook, AmmPower

NH3 — Fueling Hawaii’s Future
Roald Marth, Hawaii Ku’oko’a Project

Feasibility for Production of Renewable NH3 in Hawaii for Food and Energy Security
Guy Toyama and Ulrich Bonne, H2 Technologies, Inc.

Proton’s Wind Energy Liquefaction Unit: NFUEL Units for Storage of Renewable Energy
Hans Vrijenhoef, Ioanna Aslani and Anish Patil, Proton Ventures

An Update on Conversion of Biogas to NH3
Paul D. Pansegrau, Joshua J. Ziman, Kerryanne M. Leroux, Kristopher J. Jorgenson, Michael E. Collings, John J. Richter, and Bruce F. Folkedahl, University of North Dakota, Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC)

Ammonia Combustion with Near-Zero Pollutant Emissions
Terrence Meyer, Praveen Kumar, Kyle Redfern, and Daniel Diaz, Iowa State University

Nuclear Ammonia — A Sustainable Nuclear Renaissance’s “Killer App”
Darryl Siemer, Idaho National Lab (retired), Kirk Sorensen, Flibe Energy, and Bob Hargraves, Institute for Lifelong Learning, Dartmouth College

Plasma-Enhanced Ammonia Combustion
Jason Ganley, NHThree LLC

NH3 Fuel in a Compression Ignition Adaptive Digital Power Engine
Eddie Sturman, Carol Sturman, and Mike Bowman, Sturman Industries

Southwest Research Institute and Ammonia Research: Past, Present, and Future
Jacob Zuehl and Ryan Roecker, SwRI

Production of Competitive Green NH3 Fuel
Edgar Vercruysse, Emmanuel De Neyer, and Luc Vercruysse, Probatex s.c., Belgium

Panel Discussion Topic: What Convinced Me to become a NH3 Fuel Advocate
Steve Crolius, Clinton Climate Initiative, Arif Karabeyoglu, Space Propulsion Group, and M. James Grieve, Delphi Corporation

Wrap-Up / What’s Next
John Holbrook, AmmPower